We are all individual leaders in the global tribe, but we lead differently.

the entertainers: the life of the party, makes the people laugh and play, often throwing parties and celebrations to express their love and gather the whole tribe. very emotional beings who thrives well in social gatherings and events. they are often excellent communicators and good at networking.

downside: not spending enough time in introspection, addictions

the farmers: deeply intuitive beings with strong connection to nature, like to spend time watching over cycles, changes and seasons in their environment and in other human beings. very simple beings, often drawn to meditation or similar practices where they can spend time with themselves.

downside: overwhelmed by the pace of society, disconnection

the organizers: driven, fast-thinking and "got-it-all-done" people with strong convictions. good at decision-making and planning ahead, as they often see the future potential of things. they are often project managers who are good at managing many tasks and different people at once.

downside: have a hard time listening to others needs, impatient

the caretakers: nurturing individuals with a need of physical touch and slower pace of life. they thrive within family units and love to spend their time serving physical and emotional needs of others. often exceptionally good listeners.

downside: overextending their own boundaries, self-depletion

the shamans: outsiders, with a deep sense of connection to the totality of existence. often needs lots of space alone to channel, heal and bring things back into wholeness. they mediate between nature and humans to restore balance. they are often overwhelmed by existential thoughts and have a primal need to evolve spiritually.

downside: confusing times of frequent isolation, existential depression

the protectors: the warriors who are on the go, running and climbing higher each and every day. they spend their time in physical action and fast-paced environments with a lot of challenges. often thrive as entrepreneurs as they are used to leave the safety of the tribe and walk their way into battle.

downside: might compete with others for no reason, aggression

the builders: serving, hard-working individuals who likes to use their hands and body to work and build up the core structures of society. often grounded beings who play well with different types of materials, systems and physical reality.

downside: not understanding other dimensions of reality, stubborn

the artists: creative, caring beings who loves to play around with the different tastes of life. they are often lively beings who loves to primarily serve others  through their talents and creative gifts. often good at decorating, organizing, seeing the bigger picture at the same time as they love playing with details.

downside: hard time to focus on one thing, over-committing 

the teachers: understanding, patient individuals who thrives in environments where other people and beings are growing and evolving. they serve others with their guidance and are often good at meeting people where they are. 

the spaceholders: the deep breath of the community, often more silent than outgoing. sensitive, process other people's emotions and feelings and often works as healers. tend to be old souls or elders.

© Earth Playground Project 2021
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