1st of July-19th of August



We meet in sacred space 9 Thursdays 7-9 PM CET throughout the summer. This program is created especially for people who do not have much experience in trauma-informed / somatic practice / yogic / tantric studies or other healing arts - but have an interest and curiosity to dive deeper within themselves. The program is based upon teachings from trauma-informed studies with SoulWork and Atira Tan, but also from life experiences, healing initiations, other trainings and teachers / mentors around the world (read more about my professional education HERE).

Prior registration is needed (55€). Payment for the full program is other than that 100% donation-based and according to your own financial capacity. (The program will be run in English or Swedish, depending on the needs of the participants). Limited spots available.

Note: we will touch upon some important topics within the yogic philosophies and ways of life such as karma yoga (yoga of action), bhakti yoga (yoga of love/devotion) and dharma (purpose). We will also explore the world of tantric thought and philosophy. This is due to the importance of receiving and understanding more of the yogic/tantric worldview and not only the more physical practices such as asanas, pranayama or meditation. However, the sacred space will not be filled up with theories from books. Instead, sharings will come from my personal interpretation of these core topics within the context of yogic/tantric thought. 

20th of August-24th of September


A six week online-program in embodied leadership and natural healing arts for people from all walks of life, seeking a greater guidance in this mystery called life. We come together to heal old blockages, get more clarity in our unique soul mission and step into a embodied existence where power get recharged from our core being. We draw inspiration from trauma-theories, somatics, ayurveda, yoga, soulful leadership, social justice and tantra.

*Important note: This is a professional education program for people that wants to dive deeper into self recovery and embodied leadership based upon trauma-informed practices, but it is not a therapeutic program.



WEEK ONE: EMBODIMENT - Taking Radical Responsibility in Self-Healing

WEEK TWO: EARTH SHAKING - Trauma and its effect on the Nervous System

WEEK THREE: THE WISDOM OF FIRE - Kundalini as a Tool for Transformation

WEEK FOUR: SACRED WOMB - Getting in Touch with your Seat of Power

WEEK FIVE: PRINCIPLE OF DHARMA - Reconnect with your deep Roots

WEEK SIX: TANTRIC LIVING - The Principle of Love, Unity and Service


LIVE Classes - Every Friday 6-8 PM CET (time zone converter)

*In case you miss a class, the live zoom calls will also be recorded.
The character of the course only allows for LIMITED number of participants.

(Enrollment are not yet open)


For those of you who feel called to dive deeper during the course, I offer one private call with me (1 hour) + one session of individual healing (1-1,5 hour). I offer this together for a rate of 55€ in TOTAL, which only is to cover up for the extra hours I spend with you privately.


WEEK ONE Embodiment: Taking Radical Responsibility in Self-Healing WHAT? We will go through basic theory of Embodied Practice and Empowerment through the Body. WHY? It is fundamental to understand how our life experience is affected by the health of our body. This sets the stage for the rest of the course. Reclaiming ownership of ones body gives the individual more control and is ultimately what leads to a greater sense of clarity and peace.

WEEK TWO Shaking the Earth: Trauma and its effect on the Nervous System WHAT? Through an exploration of Somatic Psychology we will look deeper into how trauma effects our body and the nervous system as a whole. We will enter the world of generational trauma and open up for deeper understanding of why we feel affected by the collective traumas of our cultures. We will also use somatic tools to connect in a deeper way with our body. WHY? There is a necessity to have contact with your body in order to heal blockages and wounds, therefore we do exercises that will help you to come in contact with yourself.

WEEK THREE The Wisdom of Fire: Kundalini as a Tool for Transformation WHAT? We will explore energy release exercises and gain a brief understanding of the perceived seven chakra system in the body. We will go deeper into the healing aspects of a Fire Ceremony. WHY? Fire is an element of transformation. Through many cultural traditions, Fire is seen as one of the most worshiped forces of the Universe. By having an understanding of how we can use the Fire, we can gain more power in our life and transform obstacles into ashes.

WEEK FOUR The Sacred Womb: Getting in Touch with your Seat of Power WHAT? We will learn more about the qualities of the energetic center of the Womb. The deeper explorations will be through shamanic journeying, where we reclaim our inner power and intuition WHY? The Center of the Womb often stores a lot of pain, trauma and energetic blockages. In order to restore the balance we need let go of what might have been stored deep within our own being. With the use of shamanic journeying, we get help from the unconscious to heal.

WEEK FIVE Principle of Dharma: Reconnect with your deep Roots WHAT? We will let our feet guide us to deep connection with our ancestral knowledge and wisdom, and dive deeper into the teachings of Dharma and soul mission. WHY? We all came to this Earth with a clear purpose and core mission to fulfill. However, throughout out lifetime the burden of society takes us down and blocks us from the natural flow of life. Through the different teachings of Dharma, we open ourselves up to the greater mysteries of existence and start get back on our personal and professional track. 

WEEK SIX Tantric Living: The Principle of Love and Unity WHAT? We will explore the foundations of the Tantric worldview, Relationships as a Healing Practice and the meaning of giving back to the Earth and our global community with our heart-based services. WHY? Our everyday life has the potential to be the most meaningful experience that we could possible have. By reconnecting to the interconnection of all things, our expansive heart and everyday relationships can lead to profound insights and healing, connecting us to the web of life. 

*Some changes can possibly happen due to the feminine flow of the course-structure. 

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