What if the world was our village?

In this village, you did not have a job. Instead, you were gifted with skills, or gifts, which you gave back to the community. You did not cultivate your skills to create something that people ultimately did not need, to then convince them they needed it, only to earn a piece of paper called money. Instead, your skills were born out of your natural talents and the necessity of this community. By giving your gift you fulfilled your entire purpose. Your unique contribution was a pillar that held this community standing. You were appreciated in the way you served the greater collective of this village, and in serving you had a direct relationship to people and their appreciation towards you. The relational network between everyone was strong. In this village were the entertainers, the farmers, the organizers, the caretakers, the shamans, the protectors, the builders, the chefs, the teachers... All of which were necessary to fulfill human needs. All had their equal, yet unique role to play. This way of living is deeply known within our human psyche, the strong urge to belong and contribute to a collective is inherent in each and every single one of us. It is completely fundamental to our well being and sense of meaning in life. We are not independent separate beings with our own inherent existence, but we are relational beings in a web of life, intimately interconnected with the great spirit.

This is the Law of Dharma.

Today many of us got it all backwards. We desperately strive to have a job, a career and an income so that we can make money not for the purpose of giving, but to live comfortable ourselves. The goods and services are often not provided from a place of relationship and service to our worldly community, but rather a means to make profit so that we can live our  separate, so-called independent lives. The result of this is more often experienced as a lack of connection, meaning, direction and deeper purpose. There is no higher order or principle on which our individual work and contribution is based upon, besides "getting by". The sense of belonging is absent and the pain caused by this deep disconnection to our human needs has created an extreme suffering around the planet as we can see today. Many people lack the sense of inherent meaning, struggle with disconnection from the natural world, and can't see how their individual existence plays an important role in the larger scene. Therefore, we have a responsibility to remind each other why we came here to inhabit Earth: we all came with a mission to assist the awakening of humanity in our own witty, magical, beautiful way. 

Our Core Mission Statement: To assist our people in moving from misery to mission and transforming pain into purpose, so we all can fulfill our dharmas and be true leaders of the Heart. 

The main tools we are using are somatic coaching, shamanic healing, tantric therapy, yogic wisdom, ayurvedic medicine and heartfelt guidance to move through what is dearest to our heart in the vulnerable processes of being pregnant with our unique life purpose. It is about shedding everything that has to go in the process of remembering who we came here to be. A vulnerable, heart cracking process that takes great care, guidance and education to move through, which is why great support by each other is needed. We are here to serve through these processes with all the skills that we have collected through this (and other) lifetimes.

EARTH PLAYGROUND PROJECT - A platform for unifying the earth warriors and leaders of change, where we are educating and encouraging each and every one, holding each other accountable to the dharmic laws, harmony, love and union between polarities. Living a life of great service to Mama Earth, where heartfelt presence and care are the leading guidelines. 

© Earth Playground Project 2021
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