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WILDFLOWER: a flower of uncultivated variety, growing wild and free in a world plagued by conformity

After many years of suffering from IBS, stress, fatigue, body-eating disorders, emotional overload, spiritual disconnection and physical pain, I was totally out of the game. Nothing made sense anymore. Extremely tired of running away from myself, my dreams, power, emotions and heart, I decided to find ways to deal with the intense suffering. This was my quest, I had a mission. I will become whole again, no matter the cost of it all.

To heal, I explored the depths of trauma-informed yoga, tantra and ayurveda while I trained in shamanic healing arts. Healthy foods, herbs, plants became some of my greatest allies, while  creative arts and sacred sound was helping me in transforming pain into purpose. After many bodywork and somatic therapy sessions, I could finally feel the sensations and wisdom of my body again. I then emerged myself deeper in women's health, teachings of the womb, ancient mysteries and temple arts and I found mystical answers to the special relationship I had with my partner. Eventually my inner calling to spirit was so strong that I had no other choice but giving myself over to trust and guidance, walking the path of a Woman in Service to Earth.

My individual Dharma is to Sing people home to Love, with the help of Plants, Trauma-Informed Yoga and Tantric Therapy. It is also to spread a paradigm of Loving, Conscious Relationships and deep connection to Mother Earth and Womb Cosmology.

I came to Earth share the teachings of Natural Medicines and help out to fulfill our collective mission; to personally assist as a dharmic doula in the global processes of realigning our lives, relationships, businesses, projects and creations to the will of Dharma, or the Natural Order. For many it takes a lot of work and dedication to embody the gifts we are here to share with the world, but the processes can be summed up in these seven concepts: Self Recovery. Dharma Discovery. Soulful Leadership. Commitment to Love. Alignment with Nature. Awakening. Living a Life of Service.

If we truly want to embody our natural gifts, we have to dive deep into what dissociated us from ourselves and our bodies. Only when we do so, we can reclaim our own innate power, eternal wisdom and step fully into the Soulful Leaders we are. As we unite with the deepest parts of ourselves and heal our roots from pain and traumas, we will remember that we are here to Embody Love and be of Service to our Earth, our beautiful Mama Nature. 

Educational background includes (but not limited to) the following: 

Currently studying: 300hrs Feminine Form Ayurveda and Tantra (Wellness Coach), 300hrs Tantra (Teacher Training), 85hrs Prenatal Yoga and Conscious Birth (Teacher Training), 300hrs Advanced Trauma-Informed Yoga (Teacher Training), 100hrs Trauma-Informed Yoga (Teacher Training)

Previous studies: Enchanting Shamanic Vocal Techniques and Medicine Melodies, 200hrs Traditional Kundalini Yoga and Ayurveda (Teacher Training), 25hrs Embodied Tantra, 60hrs Trauma Informed Yoga (Teacher Training), 100hrs Kaula Tantra Yoga, Art and Shamanism (Yoga Teacher Training), 50hrs Nada Yoga: Healing of Sound and Music (Facilitator Training), 5hrs Pelvic Floor Anatomy/Physiology for Women's Health (Yoga Development), Kundalini Reiki (Master Level), Self-Initiation (Three Months), Womb Reset Self-Initiation (Three Months), Energy Medicine (The Shamanic Way to Healing), Ama Deus Maestria Sanacíon Chamaníca Guarani, Amazonian Arts, Art Studies, Ancient Egypt Studies (One Semester), Intercultural Entrepreneurship (One Year), Sales and Self-Leadership (Five Months), Social Permaculture and Community Building (One Year), Sustainability (One Year), Indigenous Cosmovision and the Rights of Nature (One Semester), Shamanic Initiations (Ancestral Heritage).