The Nordic Temple Arts of Love

We are carrying the Light from the North, channeling our Love to assist the Global Awakening of humanity.

Our message is very simple. What if life was meant to be lived deeply embodied, in contact with what you came here to do? What if your sexual, creative power was part of fueling your unique life mission, giving your enough strength and courage to lead, while assisting in your awakening process?

What if there was methods to help you cultivate this connection from within, giving you enough clarity to walk forward in life with ease, in harmonious existence with Nature? What if it all the answers you are seeking in this great, mysterious life are already within your body?

Welcome on board on our Nordic Light Dharma Train, dear Earth Lover. We are so delighted to meet you 

What if the world was our village?

In this village, you did not have a job. Instead, you were gifted with skills, or gifts, which you gave back to the community. You did not cultivate your skills to create something that people ultimately did not need, to then convince them they needed it, only to earn a piece of paper called money. Instead, your skills were born out of your natural talents and the necessity of this community. By giving your gift you fulfilled your entire purpose. Your unique contribution was a pillar that held this community standing. You were appreciated in the way you served the greater collective of this village, and in serving you had a direct relationship to people and their appreciation towards you. The relational network between everyone was strong. In this village were the entertainers, the farmers, the organizers, the caretakers, the shamans, the protectors, the builders, the artists, the teachers and the spaceholders - all of which were necessary to fulfill our human needs. All had their equal, yet unique role to play. This way of living is deeply known within our human psyche, the strong urge to belong and contribute to a collective is inherent in each and every single one of us. It is completely fundamental to our well being and sense of meaning in life. We are not independent separate beings with our own inherent existence, but we are relational beings in a web of life on Earth, intimately interconnected with the Great Spirit beyond dimensions - leading us home to Love.

This is the Law of Dharma. 

Today many of us got it all backwards. We desperately strive to have a job, a career and an income so that we can make money not for the purpose of giving, but to live comfortable ourselves. The goods and services are often not provided from a place of relationship and service to our worldly community, but rather a means to make profit so that we can live our separate, so-called independent lives. The result of this is more often experienced as a lack of connection, meaning, direction and deeper purpose. There is no higher order or principle on which our individual work and contribution is based upon, besides "getting by". The sense of belonging is absent and the pain caused by this deep disconnection to our human needs has created an extreme suffering around the planet as we can see today. Many people lack the sense of inherent meaning, struggle with disconnection from the natural world, and can't see how their individual existence plays an important role in the larger scene. Therefore, we have a responsibility to remind each other why we came here to inhabit Earth: we all came with a mission to assist the awakening of humanity in our own witty, magical, beautiful way.

Our Core Mission Statement: To assist our people in moving from misery to mission and transforming pain into purpose, so we all can fulfill our dharmas and be true leaders of the Heart. We carry the light from the North and hope to bring a global message of Love.


Earth Playground Project and the Nordic Light Method is founded to spread the awareness of the Laws of Dharma, or the natural order. With the right methods and guidance, we can create profound shifts within and move forward in our dharma and life mission with clarity, ease and direction. However, when we start our journey we often stumble across several layers of pain and hidden traumas which needs to be taken care of. When we have healed what are standing in the way, we can start to trust our intuition and step fully into power.


Regardless of who you are, all of us came to Earth with a mission. This mission is linked to our Heart's strongest desire to serve our global community on the planet. However, through upbringing and cultural conditioning our mission is often forgotten about. This often leads to an inner confusion and sense of meaninglessness. In the process of reclaiming our sacred voice and embodying our unique, individual expression - we will get access to our gifts we are here to share. From this place, it is easier to see how you are supposed to bring your sacred service to life, whether this will be through a business, charity, project, family, community, school or any form of creative or artistic expression.


To realize and embody our true essence, we have to take responsibility for what is going on both in our personal life and the world around us. In order to set this planet on the right track, we have to come together in conscious and soulful communities and willingly support each other to move into a new paradigm - whether being in politics, education, business, religion, science, culture or arts. Yet in order to make the massive planetary shift to happen, we need more conscious leaders who truly embody their soul missions and lead from their hearts. 

All of the profit, financial support, scholarship, guidance, help or aid for Earth Playground Project will go to:

  • Creating courses, materials and future platforms with education in self recovery, dharma discovery and soulful leadership (for social impact)
  • Further professional education in the themes of social justice, trauma-informed education, arts, yoga, somatic science, leadership, business development, sexuality, tantra and shamanism (professional growth)
  • Collaborations and creations with conscious leaders, social activists, educators, business owners and professionals to support a greater audience and community of people (building a soulful community)
  • Support and education for survivors of sexual abuse (give-back)